Friday, January 8, 2010

A Week of Mii Characters, Bowling, and Cooking

Here it is Friday, almost a week into my journey, and I have yet to get a workout in.  Well, unless you count bowling.  My husband begged and pleaded me to join a bowling league with him.  I finally caved, even though I am socially inept and horribly shy and self-conscious.  I hadn't bowled very much in my life, so I was certain that everyone would be laughing behind my back at how horrible I was.  I couldn't have been more wrong.  Although I'm one of the worst bowlers there, I actually have fun and everyone we bowl with is great.  I've been averaging about a 130, which is better than the 106 I thought I was going to average.  So although I don't think bowling really counts as a workout, at least I got some physical activity in this week after sitting at a desk all day every day.

My son recently went on a Mii making spree on our Nintendo Wii.  He made about 20 new Mii's and decided that he just had to make his own Mom Mii (get it, Mom Mii ... mommy!  Lame, I know!).  Although I already have my own Mii character, he decided he should make a more accurate version.

Ouch!  Although I would have to disagree that looks anything like me!  Ah, children, they really know how to make you feel good about yourself!  My younger brother used to call our mom "Hippomomatus."  We all used to laugh about it at the time, but now I realize how hurtful that must have been.

So far I have done pretty well with the diet.  I haven't caved in to my cravings and run out to get Taco Bell or Arby's.  I've only been drinking coffee, water, and the occasional glass of 2% milk (although I did allow myself to cheat on Monday while bowling and have a Pepsi).  Soda is my biggest weakness.  I am literally addicted to it.  When I stop drinking it I get horrible headaches and I know my husband would claim that I get extremely irritable, but I don't know what he is talking about!  So, I think I have done pretty well in regards to the soda consumption.  All of my meals have been healthy (I think).  I do need to drink more water.  I've only been drinking 3-4 glasses of water a day.  I think at least 6 glasses a day would be better.

I think I was feeling a little overambitious when I started this diet, so I will try to simplify my meal plan in the coming weeks.  Made a creamy broccoli soup to go along with a salad for my lunches from my Flat Belly Diet Cookbook.  I would say the soup is not very creamy.  To me, it's basically pureed broccoli.  Okay, it's not quite that bad, but nowhere near as yummy as the cookbook makes it sound.

Looks appetizing, doesn't it?  I have found a few surprisingly yummy healthy recipes.  Wednesday's dinner was Chicken Piccata with zucchini and carrots with pine nuts, two more recipes from my Flat Belly Diet Cookbook.  Even the kids liked it, which gives it an extra two stars.  Although my deranged husband, who doesn't like nuts of any kind (because of the texture, he says) ate the veggies without the pine nuts.

Doesn't that look amazing?  Almost looks like a real chef made it!  And last night we had The Best Grilled Chicken Breast, another recipe from the same cookbook, served with broccoli.  Yummy!  It is basically grilled chicken and you serve it with a "balsamico sauce" spooned over it.  So good!  And the kids absolutely loved it!  They told me I should make it more often.  You can't get better reviews than that!