Saturday, January 23, 2010

I Really Don't Condone Torturing Children

I am now three weeks into my fitness journey.  Although everything has pretty much been at a standstill for the last two weeks, I went ahead and weighed myself this morning and was ecstatic to find that I haven't gained any weight back.  I am still at exactly 310.6 lbs.  I have a follow-up appointment on Monday with my surgeon to make sure I'm healing up fine after my gallbladder surgery, so I will probably be able to start working out this coming week.

I was trying to find a "before picture" of myself to post, and realized I actually have almost no photos of myself.  Big surprise, since I can't stand any pictures of myself.  I always think I look horrible.  I was forced to take a family photo this Christmas with my in-laws.  I told them I shouldn't be in the picture since I wasn't a blood relative, but my evil mother-in-law insisted.  (In case she ever finds and reads this, I do not really think my MIL is evil).

(Clockwise from top left:  My hubby Adam, Me, FIL Dan, MIL Bev, BIL Ambro, my son Chris, and my daughter Sammy)

It was the end of a very long Christmas day, so I was not looking my best.  Anyway, there is my before picture.  I think I will post another picture in about two months to show what progress I have made, if any.  By the way, aren't my kids adorable?  That's just my completely unbiased opinion.  Although that is not their best picture either.  My son was badly in need of a haircut and my daughter is in the process of growing her hair back out.

Speaking of children, Adam recently found a new way to torture them that he finds absolutely hilarious.  My hubby has a Palm Pre, which is currently his favorite toy in the whole world.  He is constantly playing games and other apps with it.  In fact, a few nights ago I asked him to play Skip-Bo with me, and about halfway through the game I noticed that he was playing poker on his phone at the same time!  Anyway, he found this new app for his phone called Mosquito Tones that plays a high-pitched sound at different frequencies from about 10 kHz to 20 kHz.  From about 16 kHz up adults can't even hear the sound anymore, but kids still can.  And it drives my kids absolutely nuts!  For seemingly no reason my kids start screaming, "Turn it off!"  I turn my head and see Adam just cracking up, and then I realize he's playing with that stupid app again!  Seriously, my husband will never grow up!

We had another fun incident this week.  My mom, sister, brother-in law, and two nephews came over for dinner and games one night this week.  My nephew, Kellen, is about a month old, and my other nephew, Quinn, will be two in March.  Quinn had a blast playing with his cousins most of the night while the adults got to play a dice game called 10,000 and then Rummy, a card game.  It was getting close to my kids' bedtime so we had them do their usual nightly bedtime routine, brush their teeth, put on PJs, etc.  We watched Quinn follow Sammy down the hallway towards her room and thought he stayed there with her, but about ten minutes later realized he wasn't back there anymore.  Ben, my brother-in-law, found Quinn in the laundry room, where we also keep the cat box and animals' water dish.  Quinn had been playing in the water and his pants and shoes were soaked.  Then, he had decided to scoop cat poop (with his bare hands) out of the litter box and put it into the dogs' food bowl.  Ewwww!!!  Needless to say, that pretty much put an end to the games for the night, since Quinn had to be cleaned up and changed.  Kids are so much fun!!!

I've been meaning to take more pictures to put in each post to liven them up a little, but keep forgetting.  So I will leave you with this cute picture of our newest kitty, Cody, which is completely unrelated to anything in this post.


pixielation said...

I think we've got a few things in common! I had my gall bladder out in November of last year, and am getting back into fitness now. There are a few things I still can't do, like read while lying on my stomache (if I stretch too far).

And I love the photo of Cody. He looks a lot like my own cat, Toby.